Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A letter to my wife 3

Dear Fang,
I write to you because I want to talk with you, I miss you. I have much to say only face to you.
It’s three weeks I came to New York. time like an arrow! At the first I see everything was fresh, face to everything with a little perturbed heart. Now everything become familiar, as if I've been here a long time. I can tell him when Some people ask me the road. People walking fast on the street, and their heads held high, looked straight ahead. I could not keep my speed, so, I remind myself to slowly, slowly, to observe. I really do not want me to become a passers like them, with blind eyes to everything.
I really like the schedule from Apexart, , but I visited things very slowly, I always miss some place. I remember you once told me,we needn’t more landscape,some feeling in your heart is ok.In these days, I always asked myself what place I should to go in New York? I am very pleased, Apex arranged many interesting places, even though I missed a lot of places. Rest day, I have went to the Guggenheim Museum, PS1 and Museum of Natural History. I felt so tedious when I came out of Museum of Fine Arts.It appears that there are many art galleries, go or not go is not important. I realized we shouldn’t to learn with the artworks from the museum, but we need more self-confidence.
Tourist! Yes, I'm a tourist, who can change this fact?How many experence for a tourist in so short time? So, for the public talking in the end,I just say what I know. Let it be!
I want to sleep! I will go to the Amsterdam market tomorrow.I looking forward tomorrow is a wonderful gift!
Take care!
June 4,2001

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