Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday 13 May 2011 Cloudy

My resident-apartment on 15street.I lived here just a month,but now it’s my home.Where is my home?I often asked myself.The village in Feng county,Suzhou’s apartment,Shanghai’s apartment or here?All they are not belong me,but all they are my home.I don’t think I belong ever I living this place,the place is my home.
I running in Union Square park in the morning.I like a cityzen in this city.

Many street-artist in NYC.They are sing at metro,street or park..They are a part of cluture in the city.They playing nice music.They are be resepcted.They injoy this.It not same in China.In China they are ragged,they are pursuited by plice.

Where is weiwei A?He is a prisner in the jal now.
Confident,yes,self-confident.I can said my feeling from every face on the street.They are all confident regard of fat,thin,beautiful,clown,long,short,rich or poor.people are beautuful because confidengt.

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