Monday, May 30, 2011

A Letter to My Wife

Dear Fang,

After a night of sleep, in addition to sweat. I feeling that my cold is better when I wake up. I took the pills and proceed to the railway station.
I have thought security in the United States is strict than China, but it’s so loose. And out and into subway, railway stations do not have security procedures.It’s never happen that the police to check my documents. A friend said to me: From the outside of the U.S., it seems very not pleasant, but once you are in the United States, you will find it quite lovely. I agree.
I am sitting on a train going to Washington, it has just gone through a city and a very big, very clear lake. Aisle next to a fat man playing a snore.
I went to Chinatown several times. Chinatown is not a street, but there are many Chinese and Chinese shops in the area. When I walked in there, I felt very strange. There are many Chinese, Chinese restaurants, Chinese characters, a lot of people holding Chinese newspaper. In that moment, it seems that I was in a city of China. You will not like it here, because it’s very dirty, a lots of phlegm on the floor.
The train stopped at a station, I do not know where it is. Some people get off, some people get on the train.
I have went to several academic lectures. In such occasions, I almost could not understand a word of their English, I'm just observing their expressions and language other than everything. I was emotionally: Language is not just a communication tool, a language is a culture. If I do not learn the language, I will always be a tourist. Yesterday, on the phone and you talk about these, you said that not understand is another hearing, all the language is very limited. because do not understand,I will pay attention to other things, this is not a bad thing! You are right, I remember Xu Bing had discussed this issue, from another point of view, disadvantage becomes advantage. Don’t judge it’s good or bad, as long as I can to feel with my heart.
The train stopped, and moved, the radio said that the next stop is Washington.
One day, I was scheduled to visit a cemetery, it was a very large, very beautiful cemetry. The building is very luxury , of course, there are some is simple, simple to just a piece of stone. Instructors stop the bus, explained the story of a tombstone owner. Sivle War hero, a musician, as well as a celebrity, even a horse's tombstone. I love the environment , full of grass, woods and lakes.
The train will reach the station soon, and I had to stopp writing.

Take care of yourself.

27 May 2011

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