Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Lettler to My Wife 2

Dear Fang,

I walked a long way, I am tired, so I sit down to have a rest.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial beside me, this is my only interesting place two days I have seen . A few days ago I have visited the Vietnam Veterans Plaza in New York, where some letters of soldiers and theie family was carved on the monument. Here the design is very simple, black stone engraved with the 58,000 soldiers name, no other informations about the war. I asked the old man he sit beside me: Do you know who is the designer? He shook his head. I said: This design by a Chinese girl, her name is Mia Lin.

I have been to several museums, I really do not want to say anything. I think it is the most tedious place, although some great artworks was display in it. But I still wrote a number of feelings to share with you:
Every frame is different, sometimes I spend more time on the frame than the painting.
It’s different between the original and print copy, where you can see the artist's clumsy, paper is not enough and pick up a length, with a bad brush, you can see how he modify them there.
Lautrec’s composition is so different with other artist. His composition just came from life.
Why so many changes in Picasso's paintings, because he only loyal to his feelings.
I like the clumsy artists, they never try to hide their clumsy.
Rodin's sculpture is so vague, same with Richter's paintings.
I think I should spend more time on the things outside of contemporary art.

Washington is same with Beijing, large and empty. Most capital of a country is the case, the hypocrisy of politics, culture of death. Speaking of this, I looked up at the National Gallery, obviously it is a huge coffin.
Just now, I have meet paintings of Shen Zhou and Wen Zhengming in a museum. Compared with the Japanese paintings, Shen Zhou and Wen Zhengming are the real masters.
I am exhausted in the park, the park is too big. Then I want to leave the park, where I going to? I do not know, anyway, I just not want to the museum.
Now is your six o'clock in the morning, you're fast asleep.
Kiss you!

May 28,2011

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