Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday,May 22,2011 raining

I love NY.I can find this sentence everywhere.but,NY like me?I don’t know.

I have strong intersting in performance art. At first the generation of performance art was againsed to the businese in art.It can be collections,sale,today,but it’s creativity and scene is can not be replace by other art medias.
Of cause performance art itself is facing a problem, how to break the boundaries?Just like this show,I think it does not break the shackles of their own systems.

We meet Steven that afternoon,we talk about Apexart.”There are so many art gallery and space in New York,but they never do something about art,they are businessman.There are so many artist in the city,but they never created art,they are not real artist.”he said.Apexart woulden’t any help artist become famals and rich,no chance to artist.But Apexart will give more help to artist for their creation.

All the afternoon,I want to find these small gallery in Handwich.They are very boring.But it is really rich on the way.Those artist they lived in NYC is very conservative.I haven’t find a real art and artist.

This dog is 14 years old.It enjoy a warmly care like a old man.The owner told me that they were friend when her childhood. I am arrived in NYC 10 days,I haven’t seen anything like the movie’s voilence.I only find these kids are fighting with water-gun.

Language is not just a communication tool, it is a culture. Different languages mean different cultures. I realise this in MoMA’s lectures. Because of the language, I was refused outside of a culture, even though my body at here. If I do not solve the problem, I never enter this culture. Can you imagine a non-Chinese speaking foreigners in China's life?
Culture is a whirlpool also, you can surf the waves in the vortex, is also facing the danger of being engulfed by the whirlpool. There are so many artists, came to the United States, in the process of learning language and culture, caught in the whirlpool. But however, you must into the water.

That afternoon,I walked a long way,I saw the entire New York in Queens Museum..Is it New York?No,it is just a model,it’s not real New York.

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