Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am like an ant droped in the back of an elephant. I want to know that the all of the monster , but I am so small. The elephant is New York. I live in Manhattan, went to Brooklyn, New York's suburb’s party. In every place, I said to myself: This is New York. But another voice told me: this is not New York.
what is New York? I have to give up the idea in order to understand New York.

Why there are so many fat people in street? They are mostly black and white. They remind me of KFC's fried chicken, yes, the idea that not be overstated. In China, we will trouble because of his obesity, and dieting to lose weight. But the people here, not mind. They let their wanton expansion of the body. Perhaps this is brought about by the consequences of fast food, fast food stores in everywhere, cheese, butter, meat and bread. McDonald's is a specialty production of this place, spread to all corners of the world.

Last weekend, a friend invited me to attend a barbecue party in a village, of course there are mostly Chinese. Most of the Chinese people is keep their own circle. Have been the low status of blacks, race issue has been the country's ills. Later, after the black struggle and fight for their constant, their access to equality can see today. The Asians have a more marginal position in gradually, as they rarely like the black struggle for their own power. At the end, this friend told me that I should take pieces of cash, met black ask you for money in night, give him, then quickly walk away.

Apexart provide me a schedule, I have followed this form to carry out the daily itinerary. Table of contents does not MOMA, Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea gallery district, etc., but a park, Family Museum, a street, a performance, yesterday I attended a symposium on the cooking . I understand their good intentions, which coincides with my point of view ------ entire city is a real art gallery.

Tuesday,May 17,2011 raining

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